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(Yandarn State School Service - including Rosedale State School - Transfer to P835)



(Avondale State School Service from Avondale)



(Rosedale State School from Winfield Service)



(Moore Park Beach State School from Gooburrum)



(Moore Park Beach State School Service from Welcome Creek)



(Bundaberg North State High School from Yandaran - Cross Town to St Patricks and Shalom College)



(Bundaberg North State High School from Moore Park Beach - Cross Town to St Lukes, Bundaberg Christian College and Kepnock)



(Bundaberg North State High School from Invicta - Cross Town to Bundaberg State High School and Bundaberg North State School)



*** All Cross town services interchange at Bundaberg North State High School at approximately 8:10am once all three services have arrived.  Please ensure all Fares are paid to the cross town service in which is being travelled.


All Fares MUST be paid on the day or travel or in advance.  For parents wishing to be placed on account please contact our office on 1300 428 737.  All accounts must be approved by management.  Failure to pay applicable bus fares may result in your child not being picked up.


To apply for Bus Travel Assistance please click here. For Students subject to a Protection Order please contact our office to arrange an application form.  Parents who fail to apply for Bus Travel Assistance when eligible will be charged bus fares


If you a new to our school buses please access the passenger information form here.  Please also familiarise yourself and the student travelling with The Code of Conduct for School Children Travelling on Buses.

Coast & Country Buses

PO Box 26




Tel: 1300 428 737