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Coast & Country Buses has been providing school bus travel for students since 1988.  School bus travel is statistically the safest way for your children to get to and from school while also providing you with the convenience of not needing to sit in the school traffic each day.


It is important that if you are eligible for free bus travel assistance (BTA) that you complete your application as soon as possible via the below provided link to ensure seating can be allocated for contracted services (Service numbers starting with a P or an S). 


Please apply for Bus Travel Assistance here: TMR Application


Students who are either not eligible for Bus Travel Assistance or have not completed a successful BTA form cannot be assured seating and may not be picked up due to bus capacity. We will notify parents with as much notice as possible if this is to occur.


To improve service and accuracy of data school service audits are conducted on an ongoing basis. From time to time a student may be removed from Bus Travel Assistance approval by the Department of Transport, this may occur due to a number of factors including but not limited to; Insufficient Travel, a data mismatch with Department of Education.  Where this occurs, we will at times request a new form be completed.


For students who are no eligible for Bus Travel Assistance or if you are required to pay a gap fare, these are calculated from your pickup location to the school and the rates can be found attached - Fares Sheet






If you require any further information relating to any of our services please send a request via the below link;


Enquiry Form


Bus time tables can be found here;


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Coast & Country Buses

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Tel: 1300 428 737

Coast and Country Buses

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